Susie and Jonathan Poulton

Rhoda Vernon
Jeff and Ellen Segar
Tim and Becky Kresowik
Tom and Joan Cook
Patty and Dale Roberts
Neumann Monson
Art and Ginger Nowak
Southgate Companies

Brandt and Harriett Echternacht
Mike and Joanne Margolin
Fred Ovrom and Maureen Connolly
Mace and Kay Braverman

Join the growing roster of 2019 Get Moving For Healthy Kids sponsors! 

Join the growing roster of community-minded individuals, organizations and companies who share a commitment to the health of our community and kids. Event sponsorships of $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000 are currently being sought. If you would like more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dr. Pete Wallace at

$2,500 - $4,999

Margaret A. Smollen, MD, PC

​GreenState Credit Union

River Products Company

$1,001 - $2,499

Carol and Gary Fethke
Toyota of Iowa City
Peter and Kathryn Wallace
Anne and Byron Vandenberg  
John and Deb Ockenfels
Hills Bank

Oaknoll Retirement Residence

Johnson County Medical Society 

Less than 13 percent of U.S. students walked or biked to school in 2004, compared to more than 50 percent who did so in 1969. However, the greener the route to school, the more likely youth are to use active transportation.

Get Moving for Healthy Kids Sponsors

Hawkeye Title
Great Western Bank
Urban Acres  
Mercy Hospital
Tom and Becky Gelman
Steve and Victoria West
Chet and Joann Woodman
Lowell and Joan Luhman
Al and Jan Leff
Jackie Blank
Tim and Sarah Krumm
Thomas and Marguerite Oetting
Gayle and Roger Klouda

Tom Novak


Gary and Cammy Seamans

Sarah Gardial and Jeffrey Glessen
Jim and Catharine Lane
Nancy Sprince
Byron and Suzanne Bork
Bruce and Melanie Haupert
Phil and Joyce Leff
Bruce and DeDi Walker​

Casey Cook
Chuck and Anne Hesse
Rod Alberhasky  
Bill Waldie
Jody and Kitty Buckwalter
Marcus Nashelsky, MD
Mary and Edwin Stone


Willis and Linda Bywater
Sarah Richardson
Lynn and Stuart Weinstein
Jim and Barb Davis
Oscar Beasley
Vince & Julie Eldridge 
Gordon Goldsmith
John Maxwell
Frank and Mary Scamman
Janice and Brad Baldes
Monica Moen

Jo and Jim Scott
Hodge Construction
Charlie and Connie Funk

Lenoch and Cilek Ace Hardware  
John and Carolyn Gross
Linda and Roger Mildenstein
Linda and Doug Paul
Marc Moen
US Bank
Gregs and Mettie Thomopulos
Jan Jensen and Julie Fitzpatrick
John Colloton
Gary and Nancy Pacha
Michael and Susan Wall
Coral West Dental
Jim and Jan Down
​Wolfe Eye Clinic

Andrew Oetting

LESS THAN $1,000



Ken and Jeanette Kinsey

Lois James
Bruce Guither 
Gary and Randi Levitz
Judy Hendershot
Lynn Gardner
Mike and Carla Durkee
John and Becky Sladek
Alan and Liz Swanson
Steindler Orthopedics
Mary Westbrook
Shirley Fliehler