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There are 7.6 million uninsured children in America—that's one in ten.  Children and youth across the nation face daunting health challenges: 20 percentwill experience depression in their teen years; they will lose a collective 51 million school hours because of dental-related illness; and their risk for obesity has skyrocketed three-fold in the past 30 years.  Research confirms what teachers have seen with their own eyes; health disparities affect educational achievement.

Together we can make a difference right here in the greater Iowa City region.  Get Moving for Healthy Kids is the annual walk/run event with a dual purpose — as its name implies. The event promotes and supports Healthy Kids Community Care, our area school-based health clinics. These clinics provide basic health care for children without adequate access to the health care most of us take for granted. The second purpose is to promote activity and exercise for our children (and adults too!).

Participate on May 21 as the Iowa City community – walkers and runner, families and individuals, young and old – gets moving for children.

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Get Moving For Healthy Kids

Sunday, May 21, 2017 

Iowa City West High School
5K walk/run with